SEM Marketing

What is SEM Marketing?

SEM Marketing is the promotion of a website through paid advertising (Google Ads or Bing Ads) in order to get better positions in Search Engine and increase the traffic, sales or leads.

SEM stands for "Search Engine Marketing" and it includes different type of advertising, depending on where they appear:

· Search Network Ads: text advertising that appears in search results after a keyword research.

· Display Network Ads: advertising can appear while browsing websites, mainly as an image or video.

· Youtube Network: ads that appear before or during Youtube videos.

· G-mail Ads (GSP): appear at the top of the mail inbox.

With on-line advertising is possible to increase the leads and plan campaigns in order to growth to traffic, the number of leads or creation of brand awareness, always depending on the needs and goals of the company.



Online Advertising

SEM Marketing for your business

Sometimes is good to do a SEM Marketing campaign in order to get more leads, increase the traffic or create brand awareness on Internet.

What can we achieve with on-line ads campaigns:

  • Increase sales: engage customers and increase sales of products or services of the website.
  • Website traffic: increase the visitors  in order to drive potential consumers to the website.
  • Leads generation: increase the data base in order to have potential costumers.
  • Increase brand awareness: sometimes sales are not what we look for our company, but we look for creating positive associations about our brand and increase the interaction of the potential customers.

For inquiries and any other question related with Online SEM Advertising, do not hesitate to contact me.

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