Copywriting & Content Marketing

What are Copywriting & Content Marketing?

Content Marketing & Copywriting can work together in order to promote a brand, ideas, a company, a person, a product on Internet.

Writing original, creative and attractive contents  in your website, blog or in your ads can engage people with your brand, ideas or company. This can be translated as a growth of the company.

Content Marketing is the creation of texts, videos, photos, etc. that will be interesting for our audience. In this case, we are not directly promoting a company or brand, but we are sharing and distributing content that will attract and retain our audience.

On the other hand, Copywriting includes the composition of texts with the main aim of selling. For example, the description of a product on a website, the content on a Newsletter or the texts used in Google Ads.

When we combine Content Marketing with Copywriting, we can get the best results on the promotion of our brand or company on-line. With Content Marketing we generate valuable and interesting contents which will help to engage with the audience and with Copywriting we get to promote them better on the Internet.


Copywriting for your brand

Are you building a new brand? Do you want to get better organic results on Search Engines? Do you need content for your blog? Are you in need of original advertising texts?

You are in the right place, in the right moment. I offer the following copywriting services:

· Content writing for websites.

· Article writing for blogs.

· Sponsored article writing and publishing on digital medias or blogs (contact me for prices and more information).

· CV and cover letter writing.

· Translations and content optimization for websites: English, Spanish or Catalan.

You can request more information about copywriting services HERE.

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