About me

My name is Núria Estruga and I can describe myself as a Digital Nomad.

I was born and raised in Artés, a small village located one hour from Barcelona. Since I was a teenager, I started in being interested in digital technologies and, at the same time, I realized I loved traveling and discovering the world.

At a certain point in my life, I asked myself: why don't focus my career on traveling and working? Finally, after years of studying and working, I have achieved my goal: be a digital nomad offering Digital Marketing Services for small businesses around the world.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management by University de Barcelona (CETT), a Master's Degree in Marketing by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Community Management by Instituto Internacional de Marketing (Universitat Abat Oliba).

In 2016 I decided to start a new adventure in Istanbul where I lived until September 2018, the moment I started traveling around Asia as a digital nomad: I am traveling and freelancing by creating Websites, writing contents, e-mail marketing or managing social media. During this summer 2019, I will be in Spain where I will keep offering my services to companies in the country.

What I am doing right now is a big challenge which satisfies me and helps me to improve my professional and personal skills.

I work with passion and motivation, enjoying what I do and create. Also, as a citizen of the world apply my values in my professional and personal life: respect for every single being on Earth.

As a nomad digital marketer I keep up to date with the new trends in the field, I am flexible and easy adaptable to changes, I am eager to learn from others, and I always try to keep a great attitude, specially facing difficult times.

Besides my professional experience, I have also been volunteering as a graphic designer for Non-profit organizations like Casa Flors Sirera and Ateneu Popular la Falç, as well as volunteering in some places in India or Sri Lanka.

I have some experience as a Graphic Desginer, as I always wanted to be create. This is why I designed the merchandising for the Tourist Office of Manresa and posters for other companies like Masia els Clapers.

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