Digital Marketing Services

The success or failure of a business sometimes can change with just some smart moves online.

In order to increase the visibility of the businesses, or brands online as well as help to grow the benefits I offer different digital marketing services. I always follow a code of ethics and build pulling strategies for making the most of the website.

Below you will be able to find each of the services I can offer to you, starting from creating on-line presence of a business or person with the design and content writing of a website to managing social media networks. Nowadays, Digital Marketing is very important as we are all connected through Internet using Smartphones, Tablets or computers. That is why being on-line is the key of the business grow.


Digital Marketing Services offered

Website design

Design and creation of websites according to the needs and goals of the customer.


SEO Marketing

Increase visitors to a web by appearing in the top search results using on and off-page SEO.



Increase the visibility of a website through paid advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook or Instagram Ads.


Social Media

Creating, monitoring, and measuring the presence of a brand, company or product on Social Media.


Besides of the main services I can also offer: Newsletter design, graphic design for websites or advertising, translations (Spanish, Catalan, English, and French) and collaboration in any kind of projects: business, personal or nonprofit activities.


You can contact me anytime for requests, questions or projects.